Advanced assistance services to guarantee continued service for customers

The reliability of a partner stands out in the long term.
Efficient and upgradable systems over time, prevention of breakdowns and critical issues, assistance and timely troubleshooting …


- By paying extreme attention to all aspects, from design to reliability, maintenance and service life
- With scheduled, preventive maintenance services and system upgrade
- With a complete suite of services supported by a competent contact centre, equipped with state-of-the-art operational and control instruments.
- With experts able to act promptly in order to solve issues and reccomend the best solutions.

The Customer Care service is a strategic sector for Incas; it represents a constant relation with the customer over time and ensures system high operation and availability. To keep systems efficient, an effective service does not only intervene when failures have already happened, but it must also work to prevent them and, within the available technology, to provide a predictive analysis. The extensive know-how brought to the development of a software module aimed at supervising the operative software and monitoring a series of indicators: whenever these parameters exceed the set threshold values on the base of the collected historical information, this module sends a warning e-mail to the assistance contact centre. This enables a remote monitoring of the system and its conditions and the activation of actions to prevent failures. Preventive maintenance and control tables are available for any type of machine and system, in order to reduce possible failures. A suite of services ensures a proper and safe system operation through the activation of assistance service contracts, which entitle to priority interventions and, through a sophisticated tracking system, trace all the actions carried out to adjust anomalies.

The on demand assistance is always available.

A reliable service which guarantees extended response times (6 ÷ 22) and availability. Experts always at your service, selection of standardized and reliable machines, preventive procedures based on experience have helped Incas Customer Care to achieve the highest quality results: over 90% of requests for action solved in less than 2 hours

Incas Customer Care for future-proof systems.

Overview of services


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