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About it

Internet Bookshop Italia was born in 1998 as a joint venture between the company Informazioni Editoriali and the Anglo-Saxon IBS UK. Initially, IBS Italia was supported by the website Alice.it, the portal originally dedicated to the book world, and employed only three persons. Since 2001 the company has passed under the control of the Gruppo Messaggerie Libri, the historic Italian independent distributor, which today holds 100% controlling interest in it, what makes it the most important specialised operator of the sector.


Given the high number of processed references – more than 300,000 per year- it’s difficult to predict which books will be mostly demanded: suffice it to say that over 3,000 references are picked every week. In the Trezzano-based warehouse, the ordered books are sorted and divided into UDC (loading unit) according to their arrival: the need was to organize this phase following the books from their entry into the warehouse up to packaging and shipment.

The implemented solutions

The solution chosen to achieve these target is Easystor, the Incas Group WMS, which constantly interacts and communicates with IBS managing system. Practically speaking, the Incas system always knows where the books are while the IBS system always knows where they must be delivered. Throughout the whole process, the customer can monitor in real time the progress of its order, know the real delivery times or add new books. The system designed by Incas ensures managing the outgoing flow of over 8,000 articles per day over the normal activity and of about 12,000 in peak time, that is in July and during Christmas time when IBS must increase its efforts in the packaging service. An added value that provides the possibility to choose online not only the book to be presented, but also the gift paper colour and pattern as well as a customized greetings card.

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