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About it

Founded in Lodi in 1978, L’Erbolario became internationally renowned in the 90s. The production site of San Grato, nestled in a green area within the Parco Adda Sud and built according to eco-sustainable criteria, delivers every year 15,000,000 finished products and about 70,000 sample kits. L’Erbolario employs over 150 people, which rise by 50% in peak times. Each single phase, from formulation to quality control, through the preparation of semi-finished products and packing, is in-house managed.


A new logistic site able to ensure a different and improved organization of logistic operations, while maintaining the internal process governance and ensuring the optimal service to the shops, where at arrival the products must be perfectly ready for sale (in other words the control required by the company over the various logistic phases, from demand, planning to distribution).

The implemented solutions

Besides satisfying the needs for process optimization and efficiency, the new plant offers a highly flexible operation: Incas Easystor warehouse WMS provides an improved management of picking as well as of all customer service related activities. Incas has created a customized warehouse equipped with picking, automatic handling and packaging lines in response to the company’s specific requirements and in compliance with its value philosophy.


As a result of the new logistic pole, L’Erbolario is now able to centralise operations that were previously managed in different sites, maximising performance and above all mastering control. In addition, the investment allows managing a complex logistics and improving process, in support to the development of the entire business.

  • Work shift: 1 shift, double shift from October to November
    Total area: 44,000 mq
    Covered area: 22,000 mq
    Operative area: 6,000 square metres (on two levels)
    Receiving and shipping bay: 11
    Division of spaces: between intensive warehouse and flammable products warehouse; quick pick, special handling and closing line; shipping area
    Intensive warehouse: with 13,000 pallets for storage of finished products and sales support + 2,000 for fragrances and alcoholic references storage
    Picking area cells: 2,500
    Picking cells: 3 types: floor pallet, gravity bay, static bay
    Quick pick lines: 4 lines, each with 5 picking bays, 13 meter long
    Picking system: pick to light
    Special handling stations: 4
    Material identification system : RF
    Processed references per year: 2000
    Executed orders/year: 100,000
    Processed line/year: 3,4 milioni
    Outgoing packages per year: 600,000
    Outgoing pallets/year: 35,000

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