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Founded in 1982 in Italy and since 2000 as part of the International Deufol SE Group, Deufol Italia S.p.A. is an experienced logistics operator in many sectors, such as spare parts, mechanical components and small parts, small electrical household appliances, textile and fashion accessories, jewellery, watches and stationary. The offer includes handling, storage and stock management services, bonded warehouse and customised added value services to meet the individual needs, for an integrated management of the entire supply chain. Giuseppe Bellora S.p.A. is a historical company from Fagnano Olona founded in 1833, specialised in the production of top-range household linen and textiles. Since the 30s Bellora has focused on the production of high quality linen fabrics becoming a market leader. The 90s marked an important strategic turning point in the company life, changing it into a high-target commercial business, which led to the production and distribution of finished products and to the opening of Bellora single-brand boutiques. Deufol Italia has chosen Incas composite solutions for its multi-client sites in Fagnano Olona (in particular for Binda and Bellora customers) and Oleggio, which ensure partially automated order preparation and end line processes.

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