Trip planning, costs, loading.

As a strategic element in the supply chain, transport must meet increasingly demanding market needs in terms of customization, flexibility, timing.


- With user-friendly and efficient tools for trip organization, cost control and vehicle loading to support operators

More timely, more punctual, more flexible. The service standards that a transport network must provide are increasingly ambitious and an optimized traffic department becomes essential to logistic and industrial operators.
DelSy is a Transport Management System that organizes and plans shipment trips according to vehicle availability, and optimizes costs (rates and routes). The system operates in connection with WMS, working on the trip preparation, guiding picking activities according to the delivery plan. It plans trips and vehicle loading, measuring the volume and assigning the orders. It can operate on a cartographic base for a proper routing management. When loading has been completed, it monitors the vehicle equipped with GPS terminals, and may synchronise deliveries (track&tracing). Delivery progress may be made visible to external authorized subjects through a portal or by sending an automatic e-mail. The system is equipped with various modules, to manage costs and vehicle maintenance, fuel, pallet accounting, vehicle/ driver schedules. Dematerialized documents may also be used to manage the entire cycle without paper. The connection to IT systems of customers (3PL) or transport providers (Industrial) is configurable via a parametric interfacing module (DelsyLink). Control dashboards are available with the most common KPI for process measurement. The system manages both full load trips as well as distribution rounds, and organizes the delivery vehicles making them compatible with the trip plan. It may simulate different delivery situations by changing a series of parameters and restraints in order to choose the best solution for the company needs. It provides a detailed data analysis through a business intelligence module (Performer).

The modular architecture allows for a system configuration according to specific needs of the user.


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