WMS Warehouse Management System
Warehouse operational management and order execution

The market is increasingly demanding – frequent orders, reduced volumes, increased reference number, timing reduced by e-commerce – and the warehouse must efficiently respond.


- With a WMS system that meets all requirements of a modern warehouse, both manual and automatic, using flexible modules, upgradable over time.
- With solutions for order execution integrated with existing systems, custom designed using as much as possible standardized components to ensure a reliable system, modular upgrade, maintenance over time and selection of the best components available on the market.

WMS is the core of every logistics . EasyStor and INCAS application suite allows:
• to manage the acceptance of inbound goods both from internal production and external suppliers. Checking orders compliance, implementing quality, batch and deadline policies.
• to organise product storage according to the logics set for each reference, allocating the stock units to the relevant zones/bays. Managing cross docking and/or quarantine operations.
• to arrange refilling missions for picking areas, according to the consumption generated by orders.
• to manage picking, also differentiated, for dedicated areas (with entire packages, high rotation pieces, low rotation pieces). To provide for volume calculation and package selection, and to optimize picking routes. To integrate different support tools (pick to light, RF terminals, voice picking).
• to manage packaging of the products picked through the usual operations in the packaging area (weight and/or volume, labelling, taping and strapping closing, sorting).
• to control consolidation and load check.

EasyStor is a highly flexible and modular system able to control advanced automation systems, which implement handling lines, automation with miniload, stacker cranes, multilevel shuttles, shuttles; it also works with AGV transport means and with robotized/anthropomorphic bays or pick&place Cartesian axis portals. It integrates with all ERP management systems.

It is also natively connected with the transport management system for a better optimisation of deliveries to costumers. It manages RFID gates to ensure a correct vehicle load. A series of dashboards included in the package allows to assess operation progress and to plan activities. It can be connected to a Business Intelligence module (Performer) for an in-depth analysis of the collected data.


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